Easiest And Fastest Way To Boost Your Metabolism – Bodybuilding Workout

Easiest And Fastest Way To Boost Your Metabolism – Bodybuilding Workout

Working out with weights or performing bodybuilding workout routines is the easiest and fastest way to boost your metabolism and also the best method for maintaining a high metabolism as you age.

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You see as we get older our bodies begin to shed more and more muscle (lean muscle at that) and we replace it with more and more fat and this results in a body that already has some fat on it and now because of the additional fat (and less muscle) our metabolism is going to suffer for it!

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The only way to reverse this trend is by working out with weights and to do a bodybuilding workout to boost your metabolism!

Lean muscle has a tremendous positive effect on your metabolism and the only way to acquire lean muscle is by working out with weights and by consistently performing an anaerobic bodybuilding workout.

In my last post I talked about performing a high-rep workout routine to “switch things up” and to bust through training plateaus and that bodybuilding workout is also ideal for someone who is new to lifting weights (anaerobic exercises).

Usually folks that are new to lifting weights and anaerobic workout routines are weary of getting “too big” (don’t worry about it you don’t eat enough – trust me), are intimidated by heavy weights or just don’t want to hurt themselves since they’re new to “pumping iron.”

If this is you, a high-rep workout is for you.

Using a high number of reps while working out ensures that you’re building lean muscle tissue and not trying to “bulk up”… remember this: high number of reps = lean and defined muscles and low number of reps = big, bulky muscles.

Working out with weights or performing any bodybuilding workout is the fastest and easiest way to boost your metabolism, so make sure to include it in your exercise regimen.

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Eat A Good Breakfast – Weight Loss Program

If a lean body is your goal then you should be excited to hear that just by eating a good breakfast you can increase your metabolism by as much as 10% throughout the entire day and that makes an excellent foundation and beginning to any weight loss program!

The mere act of eating breakfast can actually increase your metabolism and basically have your body burning more calories throughout the day then it normally would.

One of the best things you can eat at breakfast time is oatmeal because of the long chain carbohydrates that oatmeal contains. The long chain carbohydrates go into your system and because of their complexion they stay in your system for up to 8 hours meaning they don’t get converted into fat and they keep your body feeling full which are all great for your weight loss program.

That means your body has 8 hours to burn/utilize the oatmeal, long-chain carbohydrates as energy before converting them to fat. Compare that to the 30 minute life span simple sugars have in your stomach to be burned or utilized as energy prior to being converted to fat and you can see why oatmeal is ideal for your weight loss program.

It should be pretty evident that long-chain or complex carbohydrates are superior to simple sugars because they give your body a long-term sustained form of energy that it can utilize throughout the day.

A typical breakfast for me is a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of orange juice to start my day and weight loss program off right.

The orange juice is a great addition to the oatmeal because it contains some simple sugars which can be quickly utilized by the body to replenish it’s glycogen stores after a long night without food plus all of the other benefits that orange juice provides.

Again, if a lean body is your goal then I strongly consider you begin every day with a healthy breakfast that includes some form of complex carbohydrates and some form of simple sugar and just watch the results that your weight loss program will produce.

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